Slot Winnings – how to win

It may seem to a beginner player that the level of the bet and the value of the coin are one and the same. However, there is a difference between these concepts that should be taken into account.

What are Paylines?

A payline is a certain line on the playing field on which a winning combination can appear. Different games have a different number of paylines – from 1 to 100 and even more. However, in most modern video slots, their number varies from 10 to 25.

Many slot games have a fixed number of paylines, although in some of them you can choose the appropriate set yourself. Remember that the more paylines you choose per round, the more often you win, but the size of the total bet, in turn, increases. Also, keep in mind that the “lines” are not always straight: they can run diagonally through the reels, in a zigzag pattern, or even in a rather strange way. Before you start playing a new video slot, be sure to go to the game menu, where you will find all the comprehensive information.

Symbols and winning combinations

Each video slot has its own set of game symbols. Most understand by this the traditional “fruit” symbols and red sevens, which everyone has seen at least once on classic slot machines. Now everything is different: all the symbols are made depending on the plot of the game, so if you decide to play, for example, a video slot on the theme of Ancient Egypt, you will see hieroglyphs and images of pharaohs on the reels.

Of course, your winnings depend on the combination of certain symbols on the payline. Most often, low-paying symbols are represented by the classic card set: 10, J, Q, K, A. For combinations with thematic symbols, respectively. you can get more.

What are slot multipliers?

Increased multipliers are quite common in many video slots. Thanks to them, your winnings per round can be increased several times!

In some slots, multipliers are sometimes activated in the main game mode, in others – only during the free spins bonus round. Depending on the video slot, your winnings can be multiplied by two, three, and maybe even 100 or 1000 times!

Wild symbols in slot games

Wild symbols are found in most video slots, but they do not always behave the same. However, they basically have only one function – they replace all other game symbols on the payline (usually, except for special ones), allowing you to form winning combinations.

Sometimes Wild symbols can also act as multipliers. In other cases, they can have interesting additional game features.

For example, when dropped, expand to the entire reel or adjacent symbols, significantly increasing your possible winnings! We’ll cover this in more detail in our tutorial series.

What are Scatter symbols?

Scatter symbols are as common in modern video slots as Wild symbols. They usually bring good wins or activate bonus features. The main difference between Scatter symbols and ordinary ones is that they do not have to appear on the same line in a combination, but can appear anywhere on the playing field.

In most slot games, Scatter symbols trigger the free spins bonus round. By the way, they work the same regardless of how many paylines you choose per spin.

What is Free Spins Round?

Usually you can activate the free spins bonus round in the main game mode. Most often, three or more Scatter symbols should appear on the reels for this. If the bonus round is activated, you can play a certain number of rounds for free – hence the name.

Of course, you will receive all winnings per spin, just like in the regular game mode. But remember that often during the bonus round you can win additional free spins and activate other game features!

So are you ready to start the game?

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