In the world of gambling, there is a huge variety of strategies and systems. Therefore, for many players, especially beginners, it is not so easy to figure out which one to apply in a particular situation. Use a positive or negative betting system? Do the pros of the Martingale strategy really outweigh the cons? This and more will be covered in this guide.

Positive and negative progression

First of all, you need to deal with the positive and negative progression in rates. The system of positive progression is based on decreasing your bet after losing and increasing it after winning. And vice versa: using the tactics of negative progression, you need to increase the rate after a loss and decrease after a win.

Most systems are based on different variations of these two strategies, so it is important to understand the pros and cons of each.

Positive progression

• If you are going to play for a short time or a limited amount of time – this is one of the most effective strategies, which can sometimes bring a good profit.

• The majority of your bets have already been won at the casino, so even if you lose, you are mostly losing money that was not your starting bankroll.

• Since the house edge is statistically always higher than that of the players, this tactic is usually ineffective during long play. Remember that you have practically no influence on the outcome of the game and you cannot do anything with the advantage of the casino. We can only hope for luck.

• Surely winning streaks will alternate with losing streaks, which makes such a game rather nervous. So if you can’t handle it, then a positive progression strategy is not for you.

Negative progression

• Quite an effective way to win back.

• Can be profitable in the short term.

• Nothing can guarantee that the losing streak will end soon. Keep in mind that in gambling, the previous bet does not affect the outcome of the future one in any way. So this strategy can be quite risky!

• Nothing will happen to the advantage of the casino either. So if you use negative progression, your chances are exactly the same.

• Remember that positive and negative progression strategies rely on winning streaks, which are statistically anomalous.

Martingale strategy

The Martingale system is based on a negative progression where you double your bet after every loss. The idea is to recoup your losses (and, of course, win some) by increasing your bet size. Of course, the Martingale strategy will not increase your chances of winning – this is just a betting system, nothing more. It is best suited for games where even odds (50/50) bets are possible, such as roulette. Although, in certain cases, this strategy can be used in games with other types of bets.

Here is an example of using the Martingale strategy in roulette: you bet € 10 on red and you lose. In this case, your next bet should be € 20. If you lose again, bet € 40. Victory! So, during this time you lost € 30, but won € 80. Therefore, the net winnings were € 50.

• It is easy to use in a regular game, as there is no need to apply difficult mathematical formulas: just double your bet after each loss.

• You can make good profits in the short term at the high limit tables.

• You choose the size of the base bet yourself, so you ultimately have control over the amount of money you bet. Your rate can be either high or low – it’s up to you.

• Once you reach the table limit, you will no longer be able to double your bet and thus lose the chance to win back what you lost. At least in this way.

• The reward is not equivalent to the risk. Ultimately, the amount of winnings you can get using the Martingale strategy is relatively small. And remember that you are seriously risking a large part of your bankroll.

• You will need an unlimited or really large bankroll to guarantee your success.

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